Summer Camp 2019 – Important Information

Updated:  6/16/2019 (Communication information and SCUBA waiver)

Please read the following important notes for summer camp.

Summer camp is almost here! Leading up to summer camp make sure you are drinking water to stay hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Everyone needs to be healthy for camp check-in.

Communication: Camp is a busy time for everyone including leaders.  If you need to get a message to a leader or your scout at camp please contact Celest T.  Celest will communicate your messages to leaders at camp as needed which will allow leaders at camp to focus on the scouts.  Celest will also send out any troop wide communication by email if needed.

Celest T. 770-289-4782

In the event of an emergency and you are not able to reach Celest, you may either call or text one of the following leaders at camp:
Michael W. – 770-289-6277
Troy T. – 404-401-3804

The camp number is: 770-385-1565.

Camp Updates: Troop 582 leaders will be posting updates and pictures when able to the Troop Facebook page. Please join the group if you want to see the updates. Here is the link to the Troop 582 Facebook group:

Camp Payment:  All camp payments are due Monday, June 3rd.  Please make any remaining payments at the next scout meeting.

Departure: We will meet at St. Olivers @ 12:00 pm on Sunday, June 23rd. We will be meeting across the street in the church overflow parking lot by the soccer fields.

Return: We intend to return to St. Olivers around 9:00am on Saturday, June 29th. We will be meeting across the street in the church overflow parking lot by the soccer fields.

Packing List: Summer camp packing list can be found on the Troop web site Resources page.

Medical Forms: We must have current medical forms (Parts A, B, & C) plus a copy of the insurance card or your scout does not go to camp. This applies to scouts and adults staying longer than 72 hours. Adults staying less than 72 hours are not required to have Part C.

Permission Slips: Please sign and bring with you. Permission slip is on the troop web site Resources page.

SCUBA Packets:  Scouts that are taking SCUBA while at camp should print out, sign, and bring on Sunday.  Scuba Waiver

Code of Conduct / Electronics Policy: All scouts must have signed the Troop 582 Code of Conduct and Electronics policies to attend camp.

Medications: If your scout has medications which need to be given while at camp, please bring the medication in a Ziploc bag with the Scout’s name and administration instructions. Medication will be turned in to leaders before we leave and administered daily as needed.

Lunch: Everyone should eat lunch before arriving at the church. The first meal provided at camp will be dinner.

Gas Money: please bring $5 for gas money (unless riding with your parent).

Spending Money: Scouts can bring money for purchases at the Trading Post. The Trading Post sells snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and supplies. Spending money will be turned into leaders before we leave. The spending money is then given to your scout based on your instructions. Spending money should be placed in an envelope with instructions for distributing (how much per day; purchase restrictions if any) to your scout. How much to send for your scout is up to you ($50 for the week seems to be the average in previous years; camp recommends $70).

Class A: Please wear your Class A uniform on Sunday. During our week of camp, Class A uniform will be worn for dinners, camp fires, chapel, and evening flag ceremonies while at camp.

Small Backpack & Water Bottle: For arrival day, scouts should carry a water bottle (filled) and a small pack with rain gear. Those who do not take the swim test prior to camp should also have their swim trunks, towel, and goggles (if needed) in their backpack.

Swim Test: Arrival day can be busy setting up camp, therefore, all scouts and adults are encouraged to attend the Troop 582 swim test event prior to camp. I understand this is not always possible, scouts and adults who do not take the swim test prior to camp will do so on the day of arrival.

Cell Phones: I would highly encourage your scout to “unplug” for the week.  Camp is a fun and exciting time and scouts will be busy with merit badges and all kinds of daily outdoor activities for scouts to enjoy.  I do not see a camp rule regarding scouts and cell phones.  Scouts will be allowed to have cell phones (unless camp prohibits); however, the scout must comply with the Troop 582 Electronics Policy.

Watch:  Scouts should wear a watch at camp and this will assist a scout to “unplug” for the week.  Scouts are expected to be on time to activities and should not depend on a cell phone for a watch.  “My cell phone is dead” is not an acceptable reason for being late to an activity.

Mail Service: You can send your scout mail or packages. Items should be mailed no later than Tuesday or they may not be received while at camp. The mailing address is:
Troop 582 “Scout’s Name”
Bert Adams Scout Camp
218 Scout Road
Covington, GA 30016

Bikes: Bikes are allowed in camp. All riders must wear helmets and follow camp rules regarding bike riding.  Scouts who plan to ride bikes in camp should be familiar with camp rules found here:

Family Night: Family night is on Friday. Families are invited to arrive any time after lunch (check in with the camp office) to experience camp life, observe activities, stay for dinner, and stay for the evening campfire program. Meal tickets for dinner are $6 per visitor.  If you are planning to visit and eat dinner with the troop, you must let us know by Tuesday, June 25th because we have to notify camp so they prepare enough food.  Note that pets are not allowed in camp and should not be brought on family night.  Visitors are required to wear closed toed shoes per camp rules.

Leader’s Guide: Adults attending camp should take the time to read through the guide. Scouts will review the guide during troop meetings leading up to camp. The summer camp Leader’s Guide can be found here: Leader’s Guide

I will be happy to answer any questions. Please check this page from time to time for any additional updates.