Currahee Mountain Day Hike

Hi Troop 582
The troop will be doing a 6 mile day hike at Currahee Mountain and visit the Currahee Military Museum on Saturday, March 14th.

What: Day Hike and Military Museum Currahee Mountain
Where: Toccoa, GA
When: Saturday, March 14th
Meet: Church parking lot at 7:30am
Return: Church parking lot at approximately 6:00pm
Cost for Scouts: $10.00 (covers museum entry $5 and lunch)
Cost for Adults: $15.00 (Adult museum entry $10.00 and lunch)

Please note- Scouts will need to eat breakfast before arriving. Each scout will need to pack a day pack with provisions for the
hike. Pack healthy snacks for hike and bring water, there is no water along the hike.

Please bring signed permission slips and payment to next scout meeting.

Please sign up on the sign up sheet:

Currahee Mountain, the last mountain of the Blue Ridge chain that rises more than 1,700 feet about sea level.
According to legend, Cherokee Native Americans named the mountain Currahee (quu-wa-hi, meaning “stands alone.”

During World War II, the U.S. Army selected Currahee as the site for its first Parachute Infantry Training Center, Camp Toccoa.
The mountain was made famous internationally by Tom Hanks’s and Steven Spielberg’s television miniseries Band of Brothers, in which it was featured as a training site of the American Paratroopers where they ran up and down Currahee. The name of the mountain became the motto for these paratroopers including the famous mantra: “Three Miles up, Three Miles down”.
More than 18,000 paratroopers trained at Camp Toccoa prior to and after D-Day. including an actual stable that housed members of the PID before and after D-Day.