New Scouts

Welcome to Troop 582!  We are excited that you have chosen Troop 582 for your scouting journey.  Here are the first steps to take to get started in Scouting with Troop 582.  The steps are the same whether you are brand new to scouting or if you are a Webelos scout crossing over to Boy Scouts.

BSA Youth Application
Please complete and turn in the Youth Application at the next scout meeting. For crossover scouts, this is needed to transfer a scout from the pack to the troop.

BSA Health Form
BSA requires the troop to have a completed BSA medical form and a copy of insurance card on file for each scout. Please fill out parts A + B and return them to a troop meeting. Part C (to be filled out by medical professional) will be needed in the future if your scout participates in long term camps and/or high adventure activities in scouting.

Code of Conduct
Review and sign the Code of Conduct with your parent.  Turn in the signed form at the next scout meeting.

Electronics Policy
Review and sign the Electronics Policy with your parent.  Turn in the signed form at the next scout meeting.

Links to the BSA Health Form, Code of Conduct, and Electronics Policy are on the resources page.

Annual Dues
Scouts pay dues to the troop in January of each year.  The dues are prorated for crossover scouts.  Meet with the Troop treasurer and pay the annual dues.

BSA Uniform
Visit the scout store to purchase supplies including uniform, uniform patches, epaulets, and the Boy Scout Handbook if you do not already have these items.  See more information below about the uniform and handbook.

Class B t-shirts
The troop has some class b t-shirts available for purchase. They are $10 each. A new t-shirt order is usually placed in the spring of each year once the scouts select a new design.

Child Safety
Complete the exercises in the pamphlet “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide”.  The pamphlet is in the front of your Boy Scout Handbook.

Youth Protection Training
All scout leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training.  We encourage parents to take the training as well.  Parents who would like to go with the troop on outing should take the Youth Protection Training.  The training is available online.  Here is a link for more information regarding youth protection:

Mailing List
Once we have your contact information your email is added to the troop email list and you will begin receiving email communications.

Troop Web Site
The web site is used as a source of information for the troop including the troop calendar, information about events, and other information that we need to share.

Troop Web Site Email Updates
There is an option on the web site to “Subscribe for Email Updates”.  Please subscribe so you will get an email notification when a new post is made on the web site.  The email is a daily summary that is sent once daily only if something new was posted within the previous 24 hour period. You will not get an email on days when nothing is posted.

Troop 582 has a private Facebook group for troop members and their families.  We use this page to post pictures from Troop activities.